When I was younger, I thought that I need to be famous to blog.  I should be someone special so others would read my blog. But now, almost everyone owns a blog. They usually write about their hobbies, life, share their thoughts and feelings, etc.

And now that I’ve grown-up, I started to realize that blogging is fun. Not only to share your thoughts but also relieve your stress by writing. Who cares if no one reads your blog? Haha. It could be a better way to improve yourself. It is one reason why I am actually blogging. Another one is to improve my English skills so as my WordPress skills. Since WordPress is pretty popular these days.

 So tell me, why do you blog?

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One response to “Blogging

  1. Great, true ideas. I blog to get thoughts out, to better understand concepts (I need to write about something to know my thoughts about it), to meet other bloggers with similar interests, and hopefully to change someone’s idea of something.

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