Spaghetti TIME~~~

While having a chat with Kern (Admin: limotkona) I remembered the time when she made us
Carbonara. And since an important day for her is coming soon and we will be meeting again
this Sunday. Riza texted me about Kern planning to cook carbonara. I got really excited and
thought of the time when my Mom cooked me Spaghetti. While sitting in front of the computer
I drolled while thinking of the Spaghetti. Lol. Then I decided why not have Spaghetti for
merienda today. I quickly went outside and bought all the ingredients needed. It was a
first for me to cook spaghetti since usually my mom will be the one to make it. Since she
was busy I was asked to take in charge of the cooking. And it turned out well. Haha! My Mom
still helped me though.

Want some?

spaghetti 2




signature 3


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