Applying for an NBI Clearance Online

As part of my preparation to enter the real world, I need to comply with my employment requirements. First is the NBI Clearance since it is also considered as a major requirement. I decided to explore for information around the internet how to get one.

I was really amazed at the blogs written on how they started to line-up as early as 5:00 am just to be able to get an NBI Clearance. Knowing that I really hate waiting like that, imagine I am going to wake up at wee hours and spend how many hours just to get an NBI clearance?  Ehemm… That is just so much for me. So I looked for different alternatives. And then I finally found one. There is actually an Online Application to get an NBI Clearance. So I looked for different reviews around the internet about this and found how hassle free it is.

Few days later I decided to apply. I downloaded all the information that I need from the NBI Clearance website. First, is to pay via Pinoy Pera Padala or GCash. And there’s another problem, there is no Pinoy Pera Padala  branch at our place so I need to bet on GCash. On one rainy day, I visited all the possible places where there’s GCASh. I remember how many times I roam around our place just to look for one and I went home disappointed knowing that there was no GCash Center in our area. Good thing, I was in front on my computer and I thought that perhaps I could search for the branches of GCASh. LUCKILY, I found out that in one of the pawnshop nearby, which I hesitated to inquire has GCASH service. Hurriedly, I ran outside and went to the said pawnshop. I immediately paid P165, take (NOTE 165). And excitedly went home just to realize that I paid the wrong amount! Because of that NBI said that my payment is forfeited and Void (SHACKS ung 165 ko nawala ng parang bula, at talagang tinext ko pa ung mga kaibigan ko dahil dito :P). Disgusted though, I decided to call the NBI Clearance hotline hoping that there are still people there since it was already 5pm. Then a customer representative answered, since I was too depressed that my 165 was gone like that I politely asked him if I could still be able to get the money back. He said that if it is my personal account there might be a way for a refund by talking to Globe but they can’t do it for me. I would like to say thanks to the Person who answered my call since he did answer all my questions nicely.

Again, I sat in front of my computer and thought of my 165 pesos. Sighing and at the same time convincing  myself that the P165 pesos will go to the people in need. lol. OK, so when I regained my senses back I decided to talk to the GCASH center and pay the correct amount. NOW I mean the CORRECT AMOUNT, which is a P140 only. Since I was too excited about everything and I only saw the 140 pesos charge and 25 processing fee, I really thought that I needed to pay 165 pesos (A friendly reminder, make sure to READ. lol). ahuhuhu… Anyway I hurriedly went outside again to pay for the GCASH. This time I paid 140 pesos. And I was sure that it was right since the Guy from NBI who answered my call also said that. I hurriedly went home just to realize that my slippers were different. I mean I was wearing a black slipper on my left feet and a red one on my right. Good thing it was raining that day so there are less people outside. Maybe that was a lucky thing? Since I got it right this time. ahuhuhu my 140 pesos was saved. Again, I hurriedly went to the NBI Clearance site.

Ok so this time I will give the step by step process:

1. Remember to send the Gcash amount to 28829175638053

2. Now that you have your Gcash Reference Number go to the NBI Online Application.

3. Fill up all the information and enter the Gcash Reference number and also the Date of your payment.

4. Type the Captcha.

5. Check your details then carefully then proceed to VALIDATE.

6. Once you are done, they will give you a QR CODE that looks like this:

qrcode (1)

(Make sure that every information that you type is correct. Remember to read it several times before submitting it or else.)

Then print it out and bring to the NBI eClearance branch you prefer.

(If you have an Android phone why not download an app that can read QR codes and read your own code. (lol) I actually did this one since I was so amazed with it.)

Then the next step is optional, book an appointment.

Well I actually booked an appointment since I was expecting more people to come there so I booked at 1pm by Monday February 25.

For more info:

NBI eClearance FAQ


 Monday, February 25, 2013

Ok so I booked my appointment at 1pm so I still have some time to prepare all the requirements that I need. I have already prepared my NSO Birth certificate, Barangay Clearance, Barangay ID and my School ID. Some people said that I only need my NSO Birth Certificate but I decided to also bring some more requirements just in case.

Arrived at the NBI office in Ever Gotesco Commonwealth at around 2pm. YES, I was 1 hour late than my booked appointment. Then I first asked the guard about the NBI clearance happening there.

ME: Apply po NBI Clearance

Guard: Ay, Cut off na po Ma’am

ME: (Then I showed him my QR code) Nagapply po kasi ako online e.

Guard: (Joking) Bat sa online ka nagapply.

ME: (Well, what else could I say? So I just smiled. lol)

When I entered the Cinema it was kinda scary, since there are really few people there. So I went down and looked at the standing uniformed guy at the front and asked about my application. He instructed me to go and have my biometrics and picture taken. So since there were no people there I sat on the chair and had my picture and biometrics taken. Then the people assisting gave me my receipt with a written date on it and said that I could get my NBI Clearance at that date March 4, 2013. So realizing that was all that I need to do I hurriedly went outside and told my father that I was already done. (It was around 5-10 minutes only) No hassle of waking up 5am in the morning.


 Monday, March 4, 2013

This will be the day when I will claim my NBI Clearance. This time I went alone. I remember while I was waiting for a jeep, I looked at my watch and it was exactly 2:00 pm. So since ever gotesco is near on our place it will just normally take about 10 minutes to get there. So upon arriving at the mall I went to the restroom first to comb my hair lol. Ehem then I went up to the NBI Clearance Cinema and this time there was no guard at the entrance so I just went inside. There were more people waiting, some of them are still paying and some of them are still getting their biometrics and photo taken. So I noticed that there was people sitting in front of the releasing part and asked them if they are there for the releasing. In chorus, they all said “no”. Then a girl said that I will need to wait at the front of the releasing sign. Then I lined on the Releasing line, I waited about 5 mins then the people assisting asked what I need (seriously there where many people standing at the back) I gave my receipt and said that I was supposed to get my nbi clearance that day. He looked at my receipt and started to type on his computer then he teared the receipt and I was asked to get in front of the printer to get my NBI Clearance. I quickly looked at the Clearance to see if it was mine. Lol. Then I quickly went to the theater seats and sat there. I carefully checked the nbi clearance if the information is correct (just in case). After that I quickly went home, by the time I went home the time is around 2:35 pm. Imagine I went there around 2pm and got home around 2:35pm. So that was really fast.

Well, to anyone who is busy and don’t really have any time to spend their whole day getting an NBI Clearance I suggest to get yours Online, it is very hassle free. BUT if you have many friends who are also going to get their NBI Clearance I suggest to get your clearance in a normal way. It’s always nice to bond with your friends right and talk how long have you been waiting. 🙂


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7 responses to “Applying for an NBI Clearance Online

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  2. …was suppose to try this one but when I went to SM Marikina to pay for the Gcash the customer service woman told me that it can’t be processed because of the globe problem…there is no Gcash is Riverbanks Mall also.
    Do you know any place in Cubao that has Gcash that will process for the NBI payment?

  3. Hi ren, it’s been 24 hours since I paid 140 pesos for this nbi clearance online via gcash,but once I’m about to validate I really can’t get through. Any help?

    • Hi Ayi,

      Nacheck mo na ung email add mo kung may nasend sila sayong message? Or kung wala baka may problem ung website nila ngayon. Ang maganda niyan siguro email mo nalang sila directly sa or tawagan mo nalang sila.


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