My love for jpop

When I was younger my brother would always listen to songs that I actually don’t understand at all…. Since he is my brother I get to listen to the songs he actually likes. And my jpop addiction started there, around when I was still in elementary? (early 2000). I just can’t really remember what was the first Japanese song? If my memory serves me right, it was Anime OST. I’ve learned to appreciate Japanese songs, they are so relaxing. Even though many people think that I am kinda weird listening to songs that I don’t even understand. But seriously, listening to Japanese music is one of the happiest things to do.

Usually, I love listening to Anime OST because they are simply amazing. I can’t understand the lyrics but I can feel it. Huh? weird. But I feel really delighted listening to these types of songs. (Seriously I don’t check for the songs translations.) Anyway, for now I like to share some of my favorite Japanese songs.


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